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The keynotes by Folkerts & Smit unveil the wonders of the brain with humor and interaction. They give fresh perspectives on human behavior while exploring topics such as real change, collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of workplace happiness.

Paul Smit

Paul Smit is a philosopher and comedian and one of the most in demand speakers in The Netherlands. He has authored 14 books on philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience.

Paul is a unique talent, effortlessly combining science with humor, captivating the audience from the first moment till the last. Paul addresses subjects such as change, innovation, collaboration and workplace happiness in relation to organizational processes. He collaborates with neuroscientist Ayca Szapora in supporting brain research at the University of Leiden and Dresden.

Arno Folkerts

Arno Folkerts is a prime example of a modern coaching leader. He is a practical man who, with knowledge, sensitivity, and humor, makes the concepts of change and collaboration clear and concrete. 

Arno is renowned for his warm yet clear-cut approach, allowing him to communicate effectively at all levels. He delves into themes such as leadership, change, and collaboration. In his energetic, surprising and confidently relaxed style, he takes the audience on a journey. With his magnetic stage presence Arno leaves the audience inspired to collaborate and drive change.

Paul Smit - Keynote Speaker


This keynote applies to organizations from an individual perspective. How does the brain react to a new way of working? Why is it so difficult to change our behaviour? How can we collaborate in a better way? How does our brain make choices? Blending the scientific insights with the magic of humor creates relatability for the audience. Paul turns neuroscience into a captivating performance.

Arno Folkerts - Keynote Speaker


In this keynote, the focus is on the applicability of the human brain within companies, institutions, and organizations in transition. Providing answers for both management and employees, it explores how, in times of change, we can adapt the culture in such a way that it becomes a means to embrace a new structure. Subjects such as human behaviour, effective collaboration, the emergence of (empathetic) leadership, proper communication, vulnerability, innovation, and earning commitment are addressed in a pleasant, scientifically supported, and remarkably humorous and surprising manner. Arno transforms complex concepts into an engaging experience.

Keynote Subjects


Arno, Paul and Ayca often collaborate at events. The day starts with high energy and ends with a touch of humor.

This structure gives the event a clear beginning and end, with similar topics presented in the same recognizable style but from different perspectives. This way, people start the day with energy and a smile (and then perhaps proceed to workshops), and they end the day with the same positive emotion (for instance, heading to dinner or a social gathering).

And it’s precisely this positive emotion that serves as the foundation in the human brain for successful change and collaboration.

Ayca Szapora - Keynote Speaker

Trainer, neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist, and business expert with a black belt in Lean & Six Sigma.

Her brain research has led to several scientific publications on creativity, unconscious cognitive strategies, and how you can change the way your brain solves problems and generates new ideas. With her extensive expertise, she can quickly identify the root causes of issues and support organizations and individuals on multiple levels in their change process.

Consultation and Training -
The 7 Laws of the Brain

More and more frequently, after our keynote, we receive the question: “Is there a follow-up?” or “Can we have a training session?” Therefore, we offer the training program “The 7 Laws of the Brain” as a deep dive into the keynotes! We follow three steps:

In the “7 Laws of the Brain” training, we delve into topics like collaboration, leadership, change, and communication. Why is 70% of change management unsuccessful?
What causes so much noise in communication? How can we achieve desired and widely embraced leadership within an organization? How can we enhance teamwork and connections? How do we achieve and maintain workplace happiness?

In the “7 Laws of the Brain” training, neuroscientist Ayca Szapora or Paul Smit demonstrates how to take control. You will acquire a deeper understanding of the unconscious mind and receive practical tools you can apply right away. This lays the groundwork for a culture that strengthens organizations.

After completing the training , you will know:

The 7 Laws of the Brain trainers

Ayca Szapora

Trainer, neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist, self-realization coach, and business expert with a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. She graduated with a study on how creativity functions in the brain, unconscious cognitive strategies, and how to change the way your brain solves problems and forms new ideas.

Paul Smit

Philosopher, comedian, and speaker. His studies explored human consciousness and he has written 14 books on philosophy, human behavior, and neuroscience.

Mattie Kamminga

Trainer and professional presentation coach. Graduated with honors for a Master’s Degree in Communication & Education. Taught Presentation Skills at the University of Groningen.

"Intellectually interesting with a good balance of humor."

"It's impressive how you can engage the audience for 3 hours straight."

"Absolutely AMAZING! Dynamic, relatable content, well-delivered, and enjoyable."

"Paul Smit was incomparably good and fun!"

"Top, always hire!!!"

"Energy, intriguing, stimulating, humorous. All the elements were present in the story. He managed to captivate me from start to finish and get me thinking. I could have listened to him for another hour!"

"Very energetic and funny!"

"Great energy, lots of recognition, surprising, and especially hilarious!"


"Great and relevant!"

"What a revelation! This is how it can be done, amazing. Not a second of distraction, captivating, humorous, and a clear story."

"I was never bored! Gained new knowledge."

"Substantially interesting, captivating, it has momentum, humor."

"A good blend of science, conveying information, and entertainment."

Additional Option: Online Teaser/Trailer

To generate excitement for your event and ensure maximum attendance, Folkerts & Smit provides an online teaser. This teaser is designed to eliminate any natural resistance people might have towards attending an event. The teaser is energetic and tailored to your event’s look and feel.

As the organizer, you can provide an introductory message, which can be recorded using your mobile phone. Folkerts & Smit will then incorporate this into their own professional studio editing.

Also available in English.




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